Bicycles on British trains

Bicycles on British trains

Two Wheel Travel in the UK

Whether you don’t want to drive on the wrong side of the road, are a staunch environmentalist who chooses not to emit carbon into the air, or simply enjoy pedaling with your own two feet, taking your bicycle on the train is something you can easily do.

Some Train Companies have restrictions on when accompanied cycles may be carried, especially at busy times.
On Eurostar, you have a few options. You can carry it on board – only if you can fold or dismantle your bicycle and place it in a bike bag no bigger than an average-sized suitcase. If this is the case, you can bring it on the train as part of your normal luggage allowance. If carrying your bike on board isn’t feasible, you can store it in the luggage van on the same train if space is available. This only applies on London, Paris and Brussels routes and is subject to a small fee. These bicycle spaces need to be booked at the same time you book your seat.

You can also send your bike using Eurostar’s registered baggage service on the same aforementioned routes for roughly the same price. Your cycle will be delivered safely to your destination, although not necessarily on the train you’re traveling on.

For all other trains in the UK, there are similar rules. Folded cycles are carried free of charge and without restriction, except for the additional requirements for the following specific services:
– On c2c and Stansted Express, the folding bicycles should be transported in a protective carrying case.
– On East Coast, East Midlands Trains and South West Trains can be carried free of charge provided they can be stowed as luggage.
– For London Overground, can be carried free of charge, up to a limit of one per vestibule area at peak times.

An increasing number of railway stations have good quality cycle storage on or near to the station. Be sure to label your cycle clearly, and carry only in designated areas on board while not obstructing doors or aisles.
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