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Britrail Freedom of Scotland Pass

You Have the Freedom to See Scotland Your Way

Pledge allegiance to your travels to not be rigid in your schedules and to see Scotland at your pace. Thinking of taking a bus tour to the land of Nessie and Connery? Don’t be “Bonded” to an itinerary. Thanks to the versatile Britrail Freedom of Scotland Pass™, you can reclaim your travel independence. Talk about liberty and justice for all!

The rail pass provides unlimited train travel on Scotland’s rail network for either four or eight days to be used when you desire. So where to begin your journey? Elegant Edinburgh beckons with its gorgeous castle and the National Galleries of Scotland. Tour the Palace of Holyrood, where the Queen stays when she’s in town. Top of your trip (and glass) with a visit to the Glenkinchie Distillery for the city’s famed single malt whiskey.

But perhaps a trip off-the-beaten path is more your plaid bag, like the remote Scottish Highlands. Rugged and romantic, they represent one of Europe’s great wilderness areas. In once-gritty Glasgow, the young, university crowd has helped give the city a facelift. With excellent art galleries, and countless pubs and bars, Glasgow is starting to gleam.

Not sure where to travel next? Ask a local on the train. With a Gaelic accent, you’ll hear plenty of opinions. Scotland’s people are feisty – but friendly, too. That’s our pledge to you!

Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited train travel on the national rail network of Scotland.
  • Valid for any 4 days within an 8-day period, or 8 days within a 15-day period.
  • Travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively.
  • Discounts on select ferry and bus routes, as well as certain Guide Friday Tours.

Level of Service

Second class service delivers leisurely travel accommodations that are both comfortable and economical

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