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The BritRail Pass

Hop Across the Pond for For Adventures (Mostly) in Your Language

Passport in hand, you’re ready to travel the world. Where to start? Most find the UK an easy, introductory land. The language, basically the same, although in Scotland you’ll encounter plenty of Gaelic, and in Wales, 20% of the population still speak Welsh. Head to the north of England and a bit of Cockney might have you saying, “Come again?” No matter the accent or language, the UK is home to a warm, welcoming people ready to say, “Cheerio.”

Your BritRail Pass™ gives unlimited train travel in all three countries. With a consecutive pass, don’t even think about rushing from London to Liverpool, Cork to Killarney. You have your choice of days you’d like to putter around. With the flexipass, choose a large block of time in which to complete your travels.

And speaking of putter, this is the birthplace of Golf. From St. Andrews to Carnoustie to Turnberry, Scotland has over 600 courses to choose from. Bring your driver, because thanks to the BritRail pass, you don’t have to be one. No getting lost or driving on that side of the road.

Come see castles, search for Nessie, learn a phrase in Welsh. Traveling by train in the UK is easy in any language.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Both the Consecutive and Flexi Pass give you unlimited travel on the national rail networks of Great Britain (including Thames link trains and transportation from Gatwick, Heathrow & Stansted Airports to London).
  • The consecutive pass is available for 4, 8, 15, 22 days or 1 month of consecutive travel. Example: You may choose to travel from Monday to Thursday which would count as 4 days of travel.
  • Flexipass is available for 3, 4, 8 or 15 days of consecutive or non-consecutive travel within a 2 month period. Example: You may choose to travel on Monday and then again on Thursday this would count as 2 days of travel.Level of Service.

Level of Service

First-class or second-class rail travel available. First class prices take into account regions where only second-class rail is available.

Also Consider

Disabled and Able to Travel

Stations are welcoming to ALL passengers, including those with disabilities. Should you require extra assistance, contact your specific train company.

1st class service on British Trains

When traveling, you like extra amenities and personalized service. Going first class by train is a lot cheaper than by plane, and just as enjoyable.

Bicycles on British trains

Keep that environmental momentum going after the train. Pack your bicycle and set out to see cities and towns with another green form of transport.

Luggage on British Trains

The days of traveling with entire trunks of luggage are over. Pack less and travel with ease without paying fees for that extra suitcase.