Traveling with animals on British trains

Traveling with animals on British trains

Travels with Fluffy and Fido

You’re ready to transport your pup, kitty or iguana to Inverness or some other lovely location within the UK. Passengers may take their beloved pets – up to two – free of charge, provided they don’t endanger or inconvenience other travelers or staff.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, unless small enough to be contained in a basket/crate. All cats, birds and other small animals that wouldn’t normally be on a lead must also be carried in an enclosed carrier (if you walk your feline at home that’s your business!) The crate must be rigid and not open and the animal must be able to stand and lie down in comfort. Why should you only have a comfy ride?

The crate or large dog mustn’t be on a seat or a charge will be made. Animals aren’t allowed in restaurant cars except for guide dogs for the blind. Deaf persons’ assistance dogs may be allowed at the Steward’s discretion. These assistance dogs are also allowed in sleeper cars provided the traveler is booked into a single-cabin. And no cleaning charge will be applied.

For those able-bodied passengers that like cuddling up to their pet at night, ScotRail allows dogs in sleeper cabins although travelers will be charged a heavy-duty clean. The booking must be in Standard Class with two people traveling together.

Otherwise a single supplement will have to be paid for exclusive use of a twin-berth cabin. Sorry, your pet doesn’t count as your “plus one.”

Byelaw 16 allows the train company to refuse entry to any animal. If any passenger objects to the presence of a pet, the owner must move it to another part of the train or put in a suitable crate in the guard’s van where available. When dogs are carried in this van, as opposed to a crate, they must be secured with a collar, leash and properly muzzled.

Is Rover ready to go? Pack that puppy passport – you’re off to Great Britain!